Mature gametophytes of Cinnamon Fern
Dryopteris intermedia Fancy Fern

Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens

Spore Propagated Native Ferns of the Eastern United States

Retail and wholesale liners and mature plants for nurseries, landscaping, botanical gardens, and universities

Welcome to the Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens Website. We commercially grow ferns that are native to the eastern half of North America from the Carolinas to southern Canada and offer high quality spore propagated ferns in liners, four-inch pots, and 3/4 gallon pots for gardening, nursery resale, landscapers, botanical gardens, and research. We conduct native fern ecology, propagation, and horticulture research and offer our customers and scientists with excellent advice on native fern culture through correspondence and through lectures, workshops, and field trips. We also offer horticultural guidance and techniques for clients who are interested in establishing commercial native fern spore propagation production.

Crow Dog includes a research lab, propagation facilities and a developing four acre garden that showcases plant communities and ferns of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and adjacent Inner Piedmont occuring along the Cherokee Foothills Parkway (SC Highway 11) corridor.

Juvenile fronds of Dryopteris marginalis

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Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens, 376 Carrick Creek Road, Pickens, South Carolina 29671 (864) 878-1786

Tom Goforth, Owner